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We are delighted that you are thinking of having your wedding service at one of our churches and we hope that your wedding will mark the start of a long and happy marriage. We are here to help you make your wedding a truly special day to remember.

There is a lot of information on the Church of England website and there you will find helpful links to all aspects of a church wedding.

Please contact us before making any arrangements with reception venues.


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Key questions about weddings and banns

What are the legal requirements?

What are the legal requirements?

  • Requirements for marriage –You must be old enough,
    able to give your consent, and must not be closely related
    or already married. If you have questions or are unsure
    about this speak with the vicar in confidence.
  • Qualifying Connection –You may marry in the parish
    church where you or one of your parents lives or has
    regularly attended services for six months. You may also
    marry in the church where one of you was baptised or
    confirmed or where your parents or grandparents were
    married. If you are attending church services in order to
    establish a connection for your wedding, we will usually
    ask you to attend at least once a month for six-nine
    months and to record your attendance.
  • Banns –Banns of Marriage must be called in the parish
    where you are to be married. If you live elsewhere they
    must also be called in your home parish, (you can find this
    at, a fee is charged for this
    including issuing a Banns Certificate, valid for three
    months. It is your responsibility to ensure this is done,
    and the certificate will be required before you can be
    legally married.
  • Licence -Most couples do not need a licence. Occasionally
    there are reasons why banns cannot be read, for example
    if one of you is not a British National, if that applies to you
    we will explain how you may go about obtaining a licence.
What happens during the service?

What happens during the service?

  • Vows –The service includes authorised vows. Couples are
    not permitted to write their own marriage vows for a
    church wedding.
  • Music and Hymns –The minister taking your wedding and
    the organist will both be able to advise you on these. We
    usually suggest three hymns and music during the signing
    of the registers and for the entrance of the bride and
    procession out of church as a newly married couple.
  • Readings –You will be asked to select at least one Bible
    reading and we will give you suggested suitable readings.
    You may wish to include other readings or poems; this
    should be discussed with the minister taking your
  • Prayers –There are standard prayers in the Church of
    England service. The minister taking your wedding will be
    happy to discuss alternatives with you should you wish.
Practical Arrangements

Practical Arrangements

  • Orders of Service –You will need to arrange to have an
    order of service printed. We will be able to provide you
    with details of what needs to go into your order of
    service, including a template document.
  • Rehearsal –This is usually in the week before your
    wedding and will be arranged by the minister taking the
  • Photography –Your photographer is welcome to take
    photographs during the service. Please ask them to
    contact the minister taking your service to discuss what
    they can and cannot do.
  • Video or Recording –If the wedding is to be recorded
    than an additional fee of £30 each must be paid to the
    organist and choir members to cover performing rights.
    Copyright permissions must be obtained for all music and
    readings used if the service is being filmed.
  • Confetti –Biodegradable confetti may be thrown outside
    the building, but not inside the building please.
  • The tradition of the bride arriving late –Please don’t! The
    church personnel or building may well have other
    commitments, this may have implications for your service. 

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