Shaped by God Together - Finance

The Finance Planning Group (set up as part of SBGT) was tasked with looking at data related to various aspects of the finance of parishes and the diocese, and modelling different approaches to finance our ministry for the future. The work so far has been focused on:

  • Examining possible changes and adaptations to our Parish Contribution system, including the feasibility and use of calculating a benefice figure for the cost of ministry (ordained and lay).

  • Using available data to identify the financial health of parishes and what the overall diocesan picture is. Putting this data into a dashboard so that it can be used to help church communities be better informed and take decisions about their own finances.

  • Exploring ways in which diocesan assets could be more effectively used to support the priorities that have been identified in the SbGT process.

ou can read the latest update from the Finance Planning Group here