Coast to Coast Bike Ride

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An outcome of the COVID-19 pandemic for some has been to focus on fitness and wellbeing.  Tom Boldrin and Jez Bowman, from our congregation at Holy Trinity,  started road cycling together in June last year on a pair of old mountain bikes and by September, with the full support of their families, decided that a 2021 challenge for charity would give them something purposeful to aim for.

Jump forward to today and they are finalising their plans to set out from Morecambe on Monday 31st May and (all being well and with a westerly wind!) arriving at Flamborough Head after 180 miles and 3 full days of cycling.  In between lies a total of 8200 feet of climbing through the most challenging Lancashire and Yorkshire countryside and whatever else the elements throw at them.

The have trained throughout the winter, often in darkness after a day’s work, accumulating hundreds of miles and learning many hard lessons along the way; possibly the most apparent being that no matter how many layers you wear, hands and feet are always freezing cold!  They got lost, crashed, broke bikes, failed to fix punctures, realised their bikes weren’t suitable for the job and grudgingly grew into fully fledged MAMIL’s (“Middle Aged Men In Lycra”, although they still refuse to wear Lycra!). But they also learnt that sometimes what may seem an impossible task becomes much easier when shared, and neither of them would be where they are had they embarked on this challenge alone.

Tom and Jez have chosen to support the Carpenter’s Arms (,  a local Christian organisation which delivers real results in turning around the lives of those suffering addiction leading to the breakdown of relationships, homelessness, financial hardship, illness and offending. At the Carpenter’s Arms, broken lives are made new through Christ.  They are that friend cycling along beside you when you’ve lost your way on your own.

Your generous donation to The Carpenter's Arms will help motivate Tom and Jez along the road, knowing that every hill, mile, downpour, puncture or detour will be done supporting a great charity which transforms the lives of people who are facing situations many of us could hardly imagine.

To donate to their campaign, please visit: or scan the QR code using your mobile device.

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